Will the 2 Series Remain Rear Wheel Drive? BMW to Decide Soon

According to several sources (including the always on-target Herr26/Scott26) BMW brass are close to making a critical decision on the next generation 2 Series that will impact BMW enthusiasts for years to come. As we’ve pointed out, BMW faces a quandary with the 1 Series (and all it’s derivatives) moving the front wheel drive UKL platform and the 3, 5 and 7 Series all sharing the larger rear wheel drive 35up platform. That leaves a rear wheel drive 2 Series without a benefactor to help defray the costs of development. It has been expected that that would mean a switch to front wheel drive for BMW’s smallest coupe. If that happens it will eliminate the last small rear wheel drive coupe from BMW’s line-up – the very configuration that mades it so successful for so many years. In many ways the heart and soul of the brand.

However there is hope.


Because the UKL is a modular chassis, it can theoretically be altered to be RWD according to sources. And now that it’s decision time, BMW M is joining the internal fight to keep the 2er rear wheel drive. With whispers of the forthcoming M2 shaping up to be something spectacular, M doesn’t want to lose what could be a huge product for them in its second iteration due in 2022.

Naturally this proposed strategy of splitting the 1 and 2 Series down front wheel drive and rear wheel drive lines isn’t just about one car. According to the same insiders, joining the next generation two door 2 Series would be a four door coupe called the 2 Series Gran Coupe similar in shape and design to the 4 and 6 Series Grand Coupes.

The final decision rests with the BMW Board of Directors and will reportedly happen later this year. Stay tuned.

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  • Bosozoku

    I frankly don’t care whether the next-gen 2 series is FWD or RWD. Whatever is best from a corporate business standpoint is fine with me. BMW has plenty of sporty cars (and trucks) in their range. And yes, I plan to get an M235i next year, whether or not it is the last of its kind.

    The bigger question, for me anyway, is whether or not BMW M GmbH will ever develop performance versions of the “i” cars. As in i3M, i8M, etc. If they don’t, their glory days are behind them. They’ve been reduced to 1. adding more turbos and/or more boost, then 2. cutting a few percentage points of weight from their cars by adding carbon fiber panels, and 3. adding their DCS, M differential, and suspension tweaks. (Oh, and I hear they’re working on a “robo-drift” driving mode too.)

    Yes, those M mods add tremendous performance to the M cars. No, there is nothing new about any of that. Same old time-honored hot rod techniques. But this is the 21st century. It’s time to look forward, not backward.