Rumor: BMW M2 to be Manual Only

As a way to limit the M2 from taking the M4, BMW may make it manual only. That’s the word from Head of Product for BMW M Carsten Priest according to Auto Express:

BMW is being careful to ensure the M2 doesn’t step on the M4’s toes, too, hence the more aggressive character, while it’s clearly considering offering only a manual gearbox. “You don’t want to drag people down from an M3 or an M4. That wouldn’t be sensible,” Priest told us. “If you remember the 1 Series M Coupe there’s always a bit of overlap, but we offered the manual gearbox only – that was one of the main differences.

Brilliant we say. Make the M2 a pure drivers car that is a halo of sorts to the old-school enthusiasts. It’s creates a clear differentiation between the M2 and M4 helping to protect sales of the latter.


What about those who prefer a DCT or simply don’t know how to drive a manual? Restricting access to the M2 is a risky move because limits the market. But maximizing profits on the larger M makes sense.

What’s the likelihood of this being true? Time will tell of course but our sources have indicated the plan was for both a DCT or manual to broaden the appeal. Could projected M2 development costs and lower profit per vehicle really drive this decision? We’ll know very soon.

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  • Dylan

    Smart move. Annoying though, because after 17 years of driving manual I was rather looking forward to one of these with DCT.

  • JonPD

    Good move by BMW

  • Kevin Bartlett

    Enthusiasts will love this….. Dealers are going to hate it. I’ve been poking around all the dealers in the Detroit area looking at 3 series sport wagons (hopefully I’m the only one who is and that will drive down prices, but I digress). I’m trying to trade in a Manual transmission car and really taking a beating doing so. The salesman pointed to a Z4 with a manual that’s been there for over a year he says, they just don’t sell. If its as limited as the 1M was maybe it’ll do okay, but if that’s the case it will be out of reach for a normal enthusiast car buyer… I guess that’s bad for enthusiasts too.