Ask BMW Executives Anything You Want

This is that time of the year again! In less than a month, BimmerFile will attend the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This will give us a chance to sit down with BMW Executives (Carsten Pries – Head of Product Management BMW M Division BMW AG, Karim Habib – Head of Design BMW AG, Paul Ferraiolo – Head of Product Planning & Strategy BMW USA) and getting up to speed on all things BMW for the US market. So we’re opening it up to you. Have questions about the 6 series LCI? Want to know the status of the upcoming M2, 7 series or X7? How about suggestions for the current range? Let’s hear all the questions you want us to ask in the comments below.

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  • SockRolid

    Here are my questions: 1. Will M GmbH ever employ “i” hybrid technology in their M cars? 2. 10 years from now, will all BMWs be hybrid or fully electric? 3. Will near-future BMWs include CarPlay and Android Auto? 4. When, if ever, will self-driving cars be feasible?

  • Ninong

    Are they going to build the M770i? Have they decided to go ahead with planning for a BMW 9-series, positioned above the most expensive 7-series but beneath the RR Ghost Series II? I don’t expect them to answer either of those questions but no harm in asking.

  • JB

    Do you feel that BMW has moved away from being the ultimate driver’s car by becoming more main stream? Can the two co-exist?

  • Rick Longino

    Well, as long as the steering control is via a bunch of electrons, and the transmission control is via a bunch of electrons, why not let customers “dial in” a range of for each that they like, in each driving “mode?” For example, I may like steering firm all the time, but not like how extreme the transmission shift points are in Sport. You might as well let me adjust much the way an advanced camera allows simultaneous adjustment for contrast, sharpness, saturations etc.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    Was the launch of the i3 a flop in their eyes? There were high expectations in the US and the car really didn’t get off to a great start bc of marketing, EPA issues etc.

    The biggest issue being the REX and it going into limp mode in the US- which we stated would happen and BMW spokespeople argued against- the way the REX is implemented in the US is for CARB purposes only and neuters a truly great vehicle. I have one coming here in Germany but would NEVER spend money on the US version- it is just not as good of a product.

    Was the head of the BMW i program in the US let go or did he leave on his own terms?

    Just seems there were a lot of promises that were not fulfilled in terms of a brand launch.

    With BMW i being the innovator and BMW racing a car that does not exist (Z4 M) in the product portfolio what is BMW Ms role now? Seems like there is no attachment to racing or development from Motorsport any longer.

  • CJ

    Possibilities of a 2 Series Gran Coupe that will be RWD.

  • Dan Doubleday

    Why does BMW continue to charge such a premium for cars that are no better than a Volkswagen in many ways? Yes they drive 5-10% better but do they really garner the 30% price increase? With BMW building so many models now is it really a premium brand? The ultimate driving machine is pretty much dead- the 3 series isn’t even the best in class any longer.

  • TomI

    All your concepts’ exteriors look almost the same as their production versions. Can we all expect a Luxury Concept look-like vehicle and if so, when?

  • Mark Anderson

    I really want is a diesel touring bike …How about a K1500LTd ,,3 cylinder ,, turbo ,,1500 cc,, Thee Ultimate Touring bike with all the goodies a touring would have and still get 80 MPG !!!!!!!!!!!

  • hashad khodabacchus

    will they bulid m8

  • John
    1. when will you fix the power steering numbness on the 328i F30 and get back to what BMW was about, sporty cars?
    2. who wrote off on the current power steering on the F30? Must of been mad?
    3. Like another writer said, the car is a robotic muscle car, spirit is gone.
    4. If there anything I can add to my 328i F30 to get the steering back? Similiar to the E90 Hydraulic system?
    5. I can honestly say the 328i F30 series cars are no longer sports cars, they are luxury cars that are lifeless. Great engine but that is it. Prefer feedback versus quiet. Though on the F30 I do appreciate hitting a pothole and not feeling like the entire car is going to fall apart.