Does the Lexus RC-F Stack up to the M4? Chris Harris Finds Out

The Lexus RC-F is the next generation of the IS-F. While Lexus has never produced a high performance car quite the match for the M3 or M4 historically (the LFA notwithstanding) they do produce interesting machines with wonderful engines. So what has Lexus done with this new generation? Chris Harris finds out and makes the inevitable comparisons with the benchmark M4.

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  • RH

    if we’re considering its “track-worthiness” then Lexus seems to fall short… however for real-world drivability, Chris seems to find it perfectly adequate. Lexus may have missed the mark this time around, but I’m very curious to see where the next generation will fall into place. Competition is a good thing and this should keep BMW on its toes

    • Bosozoku

      Agree. “Real-world” drivability is what motorists really need. “Track-worthiness” is what only a small fraction of performance-minded motorists want. (How many of us actually track our cars? Be honest.) BMW can’t expand its sales unless they nail real-world drivability, and they certainly seem to have done that.

      Still, there is an undeniable halo effect due to the track-worthiness of BMW’s M street cars and full-on race cars. If BMW management didn’t think racing helped to promote the BMW brand image and/or increase mindshare among motoring consumers, they wouldn’t race.