We Have the 691 HP Tesla P85D for a Long Weekend — What Do you Want to Know?

BimmerFile has tested various Teslas three times over the past five years. We’ve commuted, tracked and generally been in awe of the electric vehicle maker’s products. But those cars were all leading to something bigger, faster and even more efficient. And we have the keys.

691 hp with a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds, the P85D is the ultimate expression of electric power. Is this the future of performance cars? So many questions. Luckily we have four days and a three state road-trip ahead of us.

Before we take off what do you want to know about the world’s fastest production electric car? Hit us up in the comments below.

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  • SockRolid

    How are the steering feel and road feel? Sporty or numb?

    Is the dash display informative and intuitive? Or confusing and complex?

    Dragster and/or carver?

    Can you tell that the car has a low center of gravity compared to non-electrics? (Subjective and hard to answer, I know.)

  • How is fit and finish? Any rattles inside the interior when going over rough road? How confident Tesla Model S as a daily driver?

    Thank you!

  • Where i I’ve, 5 and 7 series sales have practically stopped since the Model S was released. Most I spoke to could buy anything, and they chose the Model S. They love the cabin design, and the jump seats are great as well.

    So, how does the Tesla stack up against the 5 and 7?