US Spec 2016 M3 Changes (LCI)

The 2016 M3 didn’t receive the same LCI love as the standard 3 Series thanks to the M3 having a unique front end design derived from the M4. However it will receive a number of changes beyond the new L-shaped tail-lights. For one there are a few former options that are now standard:

Inside there are a number of detail changes:

• Front and Rear Air vent Chrome accents • Electric window switch chrome accents • Improved Navigation system with faster performance more realistic presentation of city details and over the air updates • Door accents according to trim accent (similar to 3 Series GT and 4-Series Models) • Improved Child Seat hardware • Center-stack: Pearlescent chrome applications for radio/climate control • Revised Automatic climate control display: white (vs. orange) • Ambient lighting surrounding the center-stack

It’s also worth noting that sources are telling us the M4 will receive the same standard features that were options for 2015 cars (Satellite Radio, Comfort Access, Harman Kardon)

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  • Ratman Boy

    Why doesn’t BMW touch the engine? the game is getting tough and it’s not enough to be done with minor updates, many fans expect the 2016 M3 to upgrade the enginereally