Rumor: BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Scheduled for 2018 Release

The German publication Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that BMW is planning a four door coupe based on the current rear wheel drive 2 Series. Interesting news given that we know that BMW is already in the middle of developing a small four door 1 Series based on the UKL front wheel drive platform. It would seem that this rear wheel drive four door (Gran Coupe) would occupy a higher price point and cut a sleeker more sporty silhouette than the front wheel drive four door. But the bigger question to us is, which platform will this GC use?

The current 2 Series platform is going to be long in the tooth by 2018 making us assume that it will be the new CLAR component based platform that will be used. CLAR has been developed to underpin the 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 series products along with their SAV equivalents. While it’s modular enough to work for the 3er as much as the 7er, we weren’t sure if BMW would stretch the platform down to the 2 Series size. Given this rumor it would appear BMW may indeed be doing that. Could this also mean we’ll continue to see a rear wheel drive based 2 Series (and M equivalent)? Fingers crossed.

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  • Herr26

    This is one of the postponed projects initially frozen under Norbert Reithofer now re-instated under the new CEO. This is being fast tracked to production.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      It would seem like this is an extension of the upcoming 1 series sedan (the WORST idea for BMW- just look at the profit per unit at Audi since they went down market- 3er buyers for corporate now get A3 sedans instead of A4).

      I love the packaging of the 4/6 GCs and almost feel that the 2 GC would cut into 3er sales even more than the 1 Sedan…. maybe that is the point? The 2 GC would obviously garner more money than a 1 sedan and have a more upscale marketing push….

  • Nick Dawson

    Gabe – I was surprised to read that you are hoping that future performance 2-series models might retain rear-wheel-drive.

    Last Sunday, Autocar took its Golf R – one of eighteen long-term cars on its fleet – to West Sussex in the south of England, for a fun day’s driving, together with a BMW 1M for comparison. Autocar said that both cars seemed quite evenly matched. With more power and torque, the 1M had a slight performance advantaged, but the all-wheel-drive Golf R made up for that with superior traction out of corners and greater composure on bumpy roads, resulting in the R being the quicker car from A to B. They said that it was debatable which car was the most fun to drive.

    Autocar found that even on a rain-soaked road, they could accelerate hard from a standstill in the R and it simply gripped and went, with no torque steer and no waiting for drive to be shuffled rearwards to bolster traction. They added that the Golf R’s confidence-inspiring handling, uncanny poise and accessible performance all played big parts in their enjoyment on the Sunday blast in convoy with the 1M, and that it is easy to understand why the R has such a cult following. Autocar concluded that as an all-rounder, the Golf R really would take some beating.

    Going forward (no pun intended!) BMW M division knows that it it has to adopt AWD across its range, if it wants to remain competitive.