The Full BMW M2 Pricing Sheet

Some big surprises here. When we first heard rumors of options and pricing we were led to believe BMW was turning the M2 into just another BMW. That is to say there would be the full gamut of options found on the M235i. Apparently that’s not the case as BMWNA has chosen to follow the 1M’s path and restrict what can be ordered. In doing so BMWNA is once again positioning the baby M car as pure M vehicle with more focus.

F87 PricingGuide_Retail_Page_1

That means there’s only one package (Executive) and only one real option (DCT). In many ways that’s even more streamlined an option sheet than the 1M had. You can see the entire ordering sheet PDF here: F87 Pricing Guide

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  • hemisedan

    Pricing is impressive, but I still like my coming m235i without moonroof and LSD. What shocked me was the Executive package (not a bad price) but the DCT price: $2900? This time I think that BMW is pushing the manual.

  • SockRolid

    Interesting. There must be a spreadsheet somewhere in Munich that shows how much content BMW can add as standard vs. the time spent ordering and building the M2 with optional packages. Yes, extra equipment and features add value. But complex “packages” and options will slow down the ordering process and complicate assembly (again slowing down the process). And time is money.

    It looks like the Executive Package only requires two different parts: the rear bumper and windshield camera system. The rest (heated wheel, Active Driving Assistant, etc.) might just be enabled/disabled in software. So the assembly process is streamlined compared to highly optionable cars like M235i.

  • Rich

    Did I read this right? There’s no NAV available on the M2?

    • Rich

      Never mind – see the full pricing sheet – NAV is standard!