The 2016 NAIAS wasn’t the dreary place it could have been with MINI and a few other automakers skipping this years show. There was still plenty of automotive glitz and more than a few show-stoppers. Key on that list for us naturally was the BMW M2. Taking the formula that worked magic for the 1M, BMW has applied it to the newer, stiffer F22 2 Series. The results? We’ll know more when we drive it in early February.

Elsewhere Lexus blew everyone’s mind the concept turned production LC500. Then there was the Buick Avista concept that looks to be a peek at the brand’s efforts to build a sporty coupe. On the German side of the Atlantic the big news (other than the M2) was the new Mercedes E-Class with its 12″ dash-screen.

But enough talk. Take a look for yourself.