BMW M2 and BMW 1M Don’t Like Each Other

BMW M2 and BMW 1M somewhere in southern Wisconsin

The BMW M2 and the 1M have officially met and I’m not sure they like each other. One of them is shaping up to be the ultimate daily driver. The other might just be the ultimate grin inducer. Which is which and what would we walk away with? We we have another 700 miles and three more states before we have a clear picture. But clearly some opinions have emerged among all of us who’ve driven them back to back.

In the meantime here’s what the rainy snowy weekend looked like around Wisconsin. And for a refresher of our initial thoughts, head over and read our first drive review.

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  • syed

    so gabriel?? what’s the verdict!! My guess is the 1M is far and waay more enjoyable but i may be biased 😛

  • oldsbear


  • Ndiddy

    So, when do we see the rest of this article?

    • In the next few days.

      • Ndiddy

        Awesome. Looking forward to it. As a 1M owner, I’m interested to hear why they can’t be friends.