The BMW Sport Wagon is Dead in The US

We at BimmerFile have waxed poetically about the BMW Sport Wagon for years. The ultimate mix of utility and performance, they’re a better option than crossover and sedans in almost every case. And thanks American’s insatiable desire for crossovers, they’re soon to be dead in the US market.

While this still should be classified as a rumor, it’s been confirmed by uber leak Scott26 and one of our own sources that has proven reliable in the past. The last wagon standing is of course the F31 3 Series currently for sale. And luckily we’ll have a few more good years with it as it’s last month of production is currently scheduled for 06/19.


Filling the gap will be the growing X1, the X3 and the always awkwardly 3 Series GT.

As an owners of two BMW wagons over the years (a gorgeous manual sport package equipped E46 and a 535i Sport) this is truly a loss for the brand in the US. While it may not be a loss in terms of volume this could very well drive away longtime customers of the brand with very European (i.e. BMW) sensibilities.

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  • glangford

    RIP, there are times I’ve missed not ordering my F30 328d in F31 wagon form. Poor decision in my opinion. Gas prices will go back up from these lows, crossovers and SUVs will fall out of favor and wagons will be a popular alternative for cargo carriers

  • Tom Kennedy

    I owned a 2007 E91 w/MT, and now I own a 2011 E91 w/MT. I’d own an F31 if it had MT. Nobody in the States wants these things. I’m a unicorn.

  • Jelmer van der Meer

    I love my 535xi wagon, too bad there won’t be a replacement. Audi has the all road, based on the A4 and MB has the E-Class wagon, which is the only real alternative to the 5er wagon. Too bad neither handles like a BMW. I could see myself in the MB though.

  • Tom Kennedy

    After reading this again, I noticed: “it’s last month of production is currently scheduled for 06/19.” Hard to believe they’re not making them anymore, as they’re everywhere in Europe. I just assumed BMW was going to stop importing them to the US.

    • The last month of the current 3er wagon is 06/19. The new 3 Series wagon will debut shortly thereafter and continue to be sold throughout the world.