Chris Harris Drives and Compares the BMW M2 and the 1M

This past spring we spent a 1,000 miles and plenty of tire value pitting the BMW M2 and the 1M against each other. All three of us came away with the same answer – the older more flawed 1M was more of what we wanted out of a small M car. Now everyone’s favorite Youtube star turned TopGear presenter has taken on the challenge. And Chris Harris as some skin in the game since the 1M you see above is actually his. Which one wins? Do great minds thing like?

Turns out… they do. Watch it here


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  • SockRolid

    “You have chosen… wisely. But, beware: the Grail cannot be purchased with factory warranty, for that is the boundary, and the price, of immortality.”

    • paraphrased from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989)
  • SockRolid

    Also, I read somewhere that a 1M’s motor blew up on a track day in a high-g corner. Apparently the oil system wasn’t designed carefully enough (with internal sump baffling, extra pumps for high-g scavenging, etc.)

    Or maybe that was a base 135i? I can’t find the article again. It would be worth finding out if the N54 has a beefed-up oil system for track use.

    • It’s very likely the 135i. The 1M N54 has cooling designed for track use. The 135i has various levels of cooling depending on options chosen.

      • SockRolid

        Thanks for the info! Glad to hear that the 1M is truly track-worthy. (But really, I should have known that.)