The BMW M4 CS is Coming and Here’s an Early Look


First seen at Bimmerpost, the long awaited M4 CS (Clubsport) has been uncovered in gorgeous Marina Bay Blue on a video shoot in California. Here’s what we know about this ultimate M4 (the GTS notwithstanding):

  • Available in exclusive Marina Bay Blue
  • Standard carbon-ceramic brakes
  • GTS style extended front splitter
  • More aggressive rear spoiler (and not a wing as previously thought)
  • GTS style vented hood
  • Power output somewhere between the 444 from the Competition package and 492 from the GTS


The idea behind the CS is that it would be a GTS that you could drive every day. That means there will be no roll cage or water injection but with all the other tech that makes the GTS such an exceptional BMW.

Look for the M4 CS to debut in Shanghai this April with sales beginning in the fall.

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  • Nick Dawson

    Information provided by the World Intellectual Property Organisation reveals that BMW has moved to protect a series of new model names, including M1 CS, M2 CS, M3 CS, M4 CS, M6 CS, M7CS and M8CS. It is understood that in addition to the M4 CS, two more new CS models identified in the recent trademark applications – M2 CS and M6 CS – have already been given the green light for production.

    While on the subject of high performance models, later this year BMW will turn 32 years of rear-wheel-drive performance car tradition on it’s head with the introduction of its first four-wheel-drive M5. The German super saloon (sedan) is set to run a reworked version of the outgoing fifth generation model’s twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine, producing upwards of 592hp, along with a standard 8-speed automatic gearbox.

    The four-wheel-drive model is described by BMW senior vice-president, Hildegard Wortmann, as not only the most powerful and fastest accelerating, but also the most dynamically capable and technically advanced M5 yet. She said, “You will see in this car where we will take the M brand from here. I have driven it on the track and it’s really special. It’s outrageous”. It will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.