It’s 2017 and Here’s a New Video Review of the BMW 1M

Uber BMW enthusiasts Doug DeMuro loves the 1M as much as we do. Let him explain.

Want more? We’ve got you covered there.

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  • CSEM

    Here we go again with another spank-fest over the 1M by people who either never owned (like this guy) one or by people who own one but never drive it because they think they will retire early on the eventual sale of their low mileage 1M. Once again, the top reason for liking the 1M is that there were only 700-and make up your own number sold in the US. God forbid, we actually ever get a post from a 1M owner who actually has driven their car and put some serious miles on it which would justify a proper review. Move on people…the basic M235i is a factor of 100 times better value than the cost of buying a used 1M.