BMW is Killing the Manual Transmission. Here’s When They’re Doing It.

BMW is killing the manual transmission in most of its cars over the next 2-6 years. Here’s a handy list that gives us an approximate look at when each model will turn to the dark side in the US market.

  • 2 Series – 2020 / An (mostly) all-new model will debut in 2020. That would likely be a good occasion for BMW to cease development of the manual for all models and replacement with the ZF 8 speed automatic
  • M2 – 2026 / We catch some flack for this but we think that BMW will make the next generation M2, M3 and M4 it’s last cars with manual transmissions. By combining development and basing the M2 off of the same drivetrain as the M3 and M4 BMW can cut costs and time to market.
  • 3 Series – 2026 / With the next generation being phased out at this time it would make sense for BMW eliminate the manual from its 3 Series offerings. Especially given that we likely will only see the manual offered on the 330i four cylinder from 2019 onward.
  • 4 Series – 2027 / See above.
  • M3/M4 – 2027 / BMW has committed to the manual in the next generation M3 and M4 but beyond that there are no promises. That means the 2027 M3/M4 will likely only be offered as an automatic unless manual take rates of the manual in the new car do an unexpected u-turn.

And that’s it. Sadly BMW hasn’t offered a manual 5 or 6 Series in years and the 1 and 2 series variants that come with manuals in Europe aren’t offered in the US.

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  • Jim Barnette

    That’s why just last year, I found a clean used 2010 BMW 535i 6MT with sport package. I would love to European Deliver something new in the <$50k range that handles as well while still being quiet and comfortable on road trips. The only really interesting vehicles are M2-M4 as the non-M’s have lost the handling & feel.

  • Tom Kennedy

    Picking up my 340 xdrive with MT in March in Munich for ED. I guess this will be my last MT DD.

  • nomad2495

    The only reason why BMW has low manual sales i because their cars have gotten less fun to drive and overpriced, making them unappealing to young driving enthusiasts who need both things. If they make the new 3 series fun to drive and affordable, they can get their manual sales back.