BMW & Mercedes Fire Executives Who Led Diesel Research on Monkeys

It’s recently come to light that an organization that both BMW and Mercedes fund led diesel research on monkeys. The effort was intended to influence the public perception of diesel fumes being unsafe. Since the VW dieselgate the public in Europe has grown increasingly anti diesel, striking fear in automakers who have invested billions in the power plants and expected them to remain popular for another decade as they transition into electrification.

Perhaps no other scandal around diesel has so quickly affected public opinions online. As BMW and Mercedes pick up the pieces look for a PR offensive of some kind.

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  • glangford

    glangford • in a few seconds

    What I posted in the diesel section of was they should have used the executives to do the testing. Inhumane. What’s wrong with just doing a chemical analysis of the exhaust system. There is enough data on harmful effects of various gases to make a correlation without live subjects as guinea pigs. I’d be more than happy to lend my 328d for them to do testing with the execs.

    • Yea this is absurd. Do we not know the harm pollution causes by now?