The first full electrified product will be the i4M. While it’s not a full electric M car, it is the first fully electric M Performance product from BMW. Put another way you could consider this as an alternative version of the M340i (or more aptly the M440i) that is fully electric. So what is it and what will it be like? Let’s dissect.

We’ve heard from reliable sources that the highest-end i4s will see HP ratings over 500 and 0-60 under 4 seconds. Given that the series i4 won’t hit dealers until 2022, look for the i4M to debut sometime in 2023.

electric m car

And what about the full fledged electric M car? BMW M boss Markus Flasch seems to be implying that it will be a while yet until we see a Tesla rivaling M car:

“On the high-performance battery-electric technology, there is still some time that we need until technology is ready, and can take on an existing high-performance car, like an M3 or M4. This will take some more time, but we’re working on that.”