How does a hybridized M engine sound? This video gives us our first answer to that question. What you see below is the forthcoming 2023 BMW M8 CSL powered by M’s first foray into electrification. But what’s under the hood and just how powerful is this monster M8 be?

Our sources have told us for years now that BMW has been working to hybridize both the S63 V8 and the S58 inline six for future M car applications. But given that this will likely be marketed as a track oriented vehicle we wonder if the lighter inline six wouldn’t make more sense? A 500hp S58 plus a 200 hp electric would provide plenty of motivation and keep weight down – key to the CSL ethos. And to our ears that M8 above certainly soon like a highly strung inline six is under the hood.

Either way we’re looking at a car that will debut later this year or early next and likely cost near $200,000. And look for the M8 CSL to be a very big part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the M brand throughout 2023.