Joan Barreda wins the second stage of the Dakar

The Dakar got well and truly underway today with Team Husqvarna by Speedbrain in the thick of the action. Joan Barreda, the Spanish rider won the Pisco – Pisco second stage, commanding the 242 km (151 miles) of special test. The stage proved to be really tough, with plenty of opportunities for errors and loss of time. Barreda on his Husqvarna TE449RR set an imposing pace from the start of the special test, coming in more than three minutes ahead of the nearest rival.

Husqvarna Dakar Team Podiums in Stage Three

Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain notched up another noteworthy performance. Nazca, one of Peru’s most famous archaeological cities played host to today’s stage, where it was the turn of Paulo Goncalves to take the podium in second place just seconds behind winner Lopez.

BimmerFile First Ride: 2013 BMW C 650 GT

In BMW\'s return to the scooter world, they\'ve brought two machines: the C 600 Sport and the C 650 GT. We\'ve already published <a href=\"\">my initial thoughts on</a> on the C 600 Sport, but it\'s only half of the BMW scooter equation.

BimmerFile First Ride: 2013 BMW C 600 Sport

Let\'s keep this simple. The BMW C 600 Sport is a midsize sport motorcycle in a scooter form factor. Yet this split personality is no Jeckyll & Hyde dichotomy at odds with its identity. Instead, these two symbiotic aspects of the C 600 Sport\'s character are what make this cross-bred two wheeler remarkable. By purposefully blending segment-leading performance with scooter convenience, BMW has done a cannonball into the maxi scooter market pool.

2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Final Day Recap

Team Germany have won the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012. Coming into the final day with a solid 18-point advantage, they remained steady and consistent through to the very last test to make sure they took victory. It was a test of nerves as well today, as rain through the afternoon meant the title-deciding final trials test was very slippery – and with double points on offer, one false move could have ruined their chances.

2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Day 6 Recap

Team Germany will take an 18 point lead into the final day of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012. After a busy day that took in three special tests and the announcement of the result of the second photo competition, Germany scored highly – including a win and a runner-up – and were able to double their advantage over the competition.

2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Day 5 Recap

Day five of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012 was the competition’s second marathon stage, with a distance slightly over 400km and the complication of a border crossing to deal with as the riders returned to Chile. It was potentially even more of an ordeal given the arrival of rain that peppered the morning then deluged the afternoon.

2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Day 4 Recap

Day four of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012 was intended to be an ‘easier’ day given that it’s sandwiched between two marathon stages. However it didn’t quite turn out that way, with two riders injured in crashes during the enduro special test and minor spills on the leg of the course that ran up to the Ventisquero Negro (Black Glacier) on Mount Cerro Tronador, fortunately without further injuries.

2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Day 3 Recap

A new day for the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy saw the lead once again change national hands. On day three the German team stepped ahead of the French (obvious jokes omitted) to take a six point lead in the overall standings. Hard miles and big obstacles pushed machine and competitor alike.

2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Day 2 Recap

The GS Trophy adventure continues into its second day, with the lead changing into the hands of the French. This leg of the GS Trophy also included challenges not at all motorcycle related.