BMW i3 in Motion and Out in the World

The i3 Coupe is such a new shape it can be hard to come to terms with how it will actually look in the real world. That\'s what makes this video so interesting - seeing the little electric car on real roads and among real traffic gives you a good indication of size and proportion.

VIdeo Tour of the BMW i3 Coupe Concept

The i3 Coupe has been somewhat of a revelation for us at BF. Where the previous i3 four door concept was futuristic and compelling in a technological sense, the new coupe is almost sexy. There\'s a aggressive done to the belt-line and front-end that the previous concept seemed to hide. And it\'s also much easier to see a production vehicle behind all the orange paint.

The 2012 LA Auto Show Gallery

The LA autos how held a couple of surprises for the industry and one for BMW. While i3 Coupe debut has been covered here already, we thought a quick look at the show as a whole (not necessarily focusing on BMW) was worthwhile. So click through and enjoy.

World Premier: BMW i3 Concept Coupe (w/Photo Gallery)

Today is the day that BMW is taking the wraps off of it\'s third BMWi concept - the i3 Coupe. Based on the previous i3 concept, the coupe represents a sportier take on the carbon fiber monocoque concept. Production feels like a real possibility given the design and technology overlap with the existing i3 four door. That said nothing has been officially mentioned around marketing timing. Read on for the full official release.

Official: BMW to Debut New BMWi Concept at LA

Rumor has it we\'ll see something along the lines of an i4 that combines the general look of the two door i8 with the i3\'s drivetrain and modified structure. Basically a small and more afforsable electric sports car - exactly the kind of the thing we get excited about at BF. read on for the full official release.

Preview: BMW at the Los Angeles International Auto Show

BMW today announced a portion of its lineup to be displayed at this year’s Los Angeles International Auto Show press days. From the exotic BMW Concept i8 Roadster to the versatile new BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride based on the popular new BMW X1with graphics designed by Designworks USA, the company will showcase a comprehensive product arrangement which strikes the perfect balance of high performance, innovative efficiency, and outstanding design. There will be more BMW i news at the show.