BMW at Techno Classica Essen

While we couldn\'t make it to the 25th edition of the TECHNO-CLASSICA you can still be there. Some say it\'s the greatest historic show of the German and international automobile manufacturers, with 25 vehicle manufacturers represented- including BMW you can still check out the show.

328i Wins Sports Sedan Comparo – We Go Behind the Scenes

Our friends at <a href=\"\"></a> had an idea. Bring together the best of the current crop of mid-size sports sedans and pick a winner. But it\'s not the normal two guys driving them back to back and deciding. Instead Cars did what they do best by looking at the question from the consumers point of view. Of course the line-up was impressive: Acura TL, Audi A4, 2013 BMW 328i, Cadillac ATS, Mercedes-Benz C250 and the Volvo S60. The winner?

(Updated) BMWi- Range Extender a Limp Mode?

Range anxiety; it\'s what holds many back from buying an electric vehicle and why BMW has done some serious R&D into a range extender for the i3. Truth be told, this is the car we are interested in adding to the stable and not the pure electric model and its not because of range anxiety- it\'s the being prepared mentality we religiously follow.