BimmerFile Review: The 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

There\’s this moment on turn ten of the circuit of the Americas that defines a car and the driver. Coming from T9 you\’re accelerating hard and heading up-hill slightly. T10 approaches quickly and to the left. Suddenly there\’s a blind crest and the track falls away beneath you, the laws of physics trying to deposit you into the rumble strips and off the track.

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18000 Miles in an F20 120d

Part of the perks of moving to Germany is the ability to sample the fruits of European only offerings from BMW- The all new 1 series being one of them. In all honesty it was a huge toss up between the F30 3er and the One when it came to the purchase but the truth is, the 120d just hit the right spot in all areas.

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