With BMW preparing for the 1 Series launch in the US late March, they ‘re turning to MINI for marketing ideas.

BMW IS REACHING INTO SIBLING Mini ‘s bag of marketing tricks for this year ‘s launch of a new series in the U.S. The company ‘s new smallest car, the 1-Series–which goes on sale in March–will enter U.S. dealerships as a coupe and cabriolet, starting in the high $20,000 range.

Aiming for the younger crowd, most of the advertising, to start, will be print and web based. Taking cues from MINI advertising, it will be slightly off-kilter and unique.
> It ‘s actually no accident that Pitney is overseeing the car ‘s launch. He says he and Jim McDowell, former BMW vice president/marketing changed places because the company wanted to carry some of the youth-informed sparkle from Mini to Bimmer. And some of the more established marketing knowledge to Mini.
And, finally, how cool would this have been for you early adopters out there?
> “The last thing we are doing is–when you buy things that are collectibles you often get a certificate of authenticity, so BMW is creating a certificate of authenticity for first-year buyers, embossed with a stamp from the factory noting it ‘s the first-year production from Leipzig. Each one is specific to the vehicle built in the factory in that moment, ” says Pitney.
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