While we normally don ‘t put much credence to Auto Express scoops, we believe this one may have some legs. For one is matches much of what we ‘re hearing from our own sources. Here ‘s an excerpt:

>A new range of city models is being planned by BMW, and they could be called Isetta after the famous bubble car of the Fifties. …it seems the project is being developed into a range of eco-friendly models to sit below MINI.

>An insider revealed the range would be primarily designed for town use, but driver appeal would still be key. As with MINI, it would need a badge with a strong heritage. And while Isetta is the likeliest candidate, BMW has some classic British badges at its disposal – most notably Triumph.

>There has been speculation that BMW’s new range would be hybrids. However, our insider said: “That technology is reserved for larger models, such as our SUVs.”

You can read the entire article below:

[ BMW city car is go ] Auto Express

MF Analysis: Look for the Isetta (yes our money is on the name Isetta over the Triumph) to debut around 2011 with an ultra efficient turbo diesel or petrol engine. Of course for our readers in the US, don ‘t expect the former option in the foreseeable future.