MotoringFile has landed at the BMW/MINI press launch. After some fog related flight problems getting into Monterey, we ‘ve been briefed on the shcedule and first up tomorrow is the US Spec MINI Clubman. We ‘ll be putting the R55 through it ‘s paces both on the track and on the road. We ‘ll also have a R55 vs R56 auto-cross to compare and contrast the two cars.

Over the next several days we ‘ll also have photos of Clubman, and the other scheduled introductions; the BMW M3 and 1 Series. For your convenience we ‘ll be breaking all the photos down into those three categories as well. The first addition to the collection will be the official photos from BMW and MINI. These are new press photos not seen before and, in some cases, are the first official US spec images of each of these automobiles. Be sure to check back as we add our own photos to the sets each day.

Full Set

[pictobrowser gbridger 72157603892719878]

MINI Clubman

[pictobrowser gbridger 72157603896310517]

BMW 1 Series

[pictobrowser gbridger 72157603892719874]

BMW M3 Coupe & Sedan

[pictobrowser gbridger 72157603896338417]