According to several sources at the US 1 Series launch event a few weeks ago, BMW has decided to cut US bound 1 Series production from 30,000 to around 10,000 for time being. Apparently the weakening dollar is making 1er margins razor thin and BMW doesn ‘t want to commit more money to marketing which would help sell the more cars.

Our original information was recently confirmed through other sources and contacts. The allocation dealers have been quoted are much lower than originally estimated. From what we have learned they are only being alloted 4-6 cars per month currently for the entire model line. If you do the math that is around 15,000 cars and that does not mean every dealer will be given that many cars. Some of the first cars at dealers on the East Coast will be 128 convertibles which are currently sitting awaiting clearance from the EPA and are more than likely dealer showroom/demo cars. Many of the first batch of coupes that were destined for this role were damaged last month in a shipping accident.

So if you want that 135i for 2008 you may want to make the call asap and of course pay at least MSRP.