In the previous parts of our series on the BMW European Delivery Program we introduced you to the program and its perks as well as what is included and the cost savings. So now that we have got you thinking more about the opportunity BMW is giving you with the European Delivery program we will help you out when it comes time to go to your dealer to get the process started.

You should plan to get the ball rolling on your order at least 3 months prior to the date you would like to take delivery at the Welt in Munich, Germany. This time frame is due to the fact your car is built to order and the added time for registration and other paperwork. As with any car purchase it is important to do your research on dealerships and pricing.

Some dealers will negotiate down to $1000 over Euro delivery wholesale price (invoice) and invoice pricing on options, which are the same as the US delivery prices and can be found on a variety of car pricing websites. You should also add the standard BMW destination charge to the car. There are NO additional fees; training, MACO, and advertising fees are not applicable to ED cars. Local fees for taxes, title, and license are separate, and vary by state.

Your local dealer may not be your best bet for pricing and/or knowledge of the program. Sometimes purchasers know more than the seller and in this case that is a bad thing. It is best to work with a dealer that has some experience with the ED process. This is important for many reasons but the main one is paperwork. If they contradict anything you have read on this site they may not be up to speed on the program and you should look elsewhere.

There are many dealers around the country that have a great track record with these deliveries. If you are near one of these dealers that is great, otherwise you may choose to use a dealer that is not near you and arrange for them to conduct a “courtesy” delivery at your local dealership. Essentially your chosen dealer will complete the sale of the car and all the necessary paperwork but your car would be redelivered to you at your local dealer for a disclosed fee or you simply hop a flight and drive your baby home. Sometimes this is financially beneficial and gives you some peace of mind in knowing that there will be a smaller chance of an error.

We have compiled a short list of dealers/ CAs we have heard good things about. That is not to say they are the best or the only people that know about ED but they are tried and true. (BimmerFile has no affliation with any of the dealers below and the list is in no particular order. If you have any that you ‘d like to add based on your experience, please do so in the comments below.)

– Knauz BMW: Lake Bluff IL – Ed Moes
– Wide World of Cars: Nanuet, NY – Joe Segreti
– DifEo BMW: Tenafly, NJ – Ricki Shamen
– DeLon BMW: Salem, OR – Jim Cupp/Jim Mannheimer
– South Bay BMW: Torrance, CA – Philippe Kahn
– BMW of South Atlanta, GA – Adrian Avila
– Motorwerks BMW: Barrington, IL – Irv Robinson
– Passport BMW: Marlow Hgts, MD – Joern Esser

When placing your order you will need a valid passport. You will sign a Purchase Order form, in which you will agree to export the car to the USA and register the car only in the USA. This purchase order is the exact car with options specified by you. It is very important to check this document thoroughly so you get the car you want! You will also need to sign and notarize a Power of Attorney form, which allows BMW AG to register and insure the car in your name and also allow BMNA ‘s customs agent to process the paperwork through US Customs.

Your dealer will make a copy of your passport and forward it to the BMW ED Department in New Jersey who will then forward it onto to Munich. This copy is used to identify the person taking possession of the vehicle in Munich. The name of the person(s) on the purchase order is the only party allowed to take delivery of the car; so no you cannot pick up a car for a friend/boss unless your name is on the purchase order. BMW will only deliver the car to a passport holder listed in the Purchase Order.

Financing is a bit different when it comes to ED and we will continue there in our next installment.

Part IV Financing