Autoshows are always experiences in one form or another. The highlight of the day today was Mini competing with BMW for the longest car name; the John Cooper Works Mini Clubman S vs. the BMW X6xdrive50i. The Mini wins hands down!

On a more serious note: as we reported a few days ago BMW introduced the CS Concept to us here in the states at the show. The CS is longer than most cars available excluding a Maybach or two and it only seats only 4 (sounds like another BMW product with an X and a 6 in the name). In person the car shows a lot of wear and tear; some paint chips, swirls in the paint, glass and metal trim. It was disappointing because the paint was one of the most unique approaches to paint color in many years.

They had created a liquid metal look by applying 18 layers of paint with a start at black and fading it to the metal color by the final coat. In some spots the depth and liquid metal effect still are there and it looks amazing! From photos it is hard to see how low and elongated the car is.It is a bit reminiscent of chop tops. You can form your own opinions about the design but we will see some of these cues for years to come; especially the aggressive front.

With the presence of the CS at this show and the abundance of rumors swirling about the 7 we take this as foreshadowing possibly to Frankfurt where it may debut. BMW will hopefully retire the CS soon and give it some well deserved rest, it will need it by the time NY is through with it. The glass surround was just about to be increased in height because the execs were concerned it may receive further damage when the public was released on the show.

BMW also debuted the //M3 convert with a DCT. The paddles were impressive as they appeared to be milled rather than cast and felt rigid, similar if not identical to those found on the previous SMG. Aside from the DCT the convert was a convertible //M: the most powerful letter (BMW is currently coining this phrase in ads around NY).

A Euro spec 335d was on hand in its Efficient Dynamics garbe, touting that it GOES but stops infrequently due to its 500 mile range per tank. All that and performance while being the cleanest diesel in the world! It also showed the world where it keeps its urea….{cough} umm, rather its ammonia (aka bluetec): in the rear trunk and bumper cover.

A BMW goes like schnell and Bobby Rahal ‘s 2002tii was there to remind everyone about the connection the 1 has to it. The remainder of the model line was also present but did not garner the attention the aforementioned cars did.

All in all BMW had a significant presence at the NYIAS even though nothing was groundbreaking or a world debut. Many of the remaining manufacturers were busy peddling hybrids, fuel cells, high performance models and the infamous El Camino round 2.

We hope you enjoy some of the photos we were able to take at the BMW pavilion.

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You can view the larger images here