Today, I thought I would share with you a little piece of a cog in the BMW marketing machine. This week signifies the one year anniversary of when my wife and I completed our European delivery of a Mystic Blue 530xi sport wagon. We had actually discussed this earlier in the week and how our next delivery this fall is going to be great as long as BMW allows US customers to pick up diesels in Munich.

Come to our surprise in the mail was package from BMW, I had no idea what it could be as I have not ordered anything (lately) and rarely communicate via mail these days. Opening the package there was a thank you note entitled: We salute the ultimate driver: you. Inside the package was a 9 ” X 12 ” artist design sketch of the sport wagon.

Nice touch from BMW marketing, keeps you interested in the brand and gives you a feeling of being appreciated as a consumer. Several other brands have sent me goodies with purchases; BMW had even sent me items related to this car before. This was something different because of the timing (1 year anniversary) and the fact it was personalized to my specific car. So my hat ‘s off to BMW and the marketing department this was a surprise and real treat. I see a frame for this in the near future so I can hang it on the office wall.

In future parts of our ED series we will discuss the little trinkets BMW gives you prior to taking delivery.