We all read the story a few weeks back about the “viral ” marketing campaign BMW had established for the launch of the 1 series in the US called Rampenfest.

The issue is that the 1 has already “launched ” and you can see them in showrooms. Many dealers had their own launch parties but apparently Rampenfest has not occurred yet. Did that huge ramp go to waste? Apparently not!

The site has been updated as has the blog of “Jeff Shultz “. The launch is going to finally take place, we guess they must have had so issues with building codes and all the German engineering must not have been up to par initially.

We liked the concept initially but now it seems like it is too little a bit too late…but since cars are actually available and sitting on lots the revival of this concept may not be a bad thing.
You can view the site here and the blog here.
Photo from Jeff Shultz flickr page via autoblog.