As we discussed several weeks back BMW will begin to roll out more and more online features over the course of the next few years. This is step one for the US and will be launched in the 2008 X6. Most models will feature this option as of model year 2009.

This service has been active for many countries already, the US is just late to the show.


>Navigation systems have become even easier, faster and more convenient to use with the introduction of “MyInfo “. This latest addition to the BMW Assist Safety Plan allows subscribers to send business locations and street addresses and their associated phone numbers found in Google Maps(TM), an innovative online mapping service, from the comfort of their home or office directly to their BMW.

>Effective as of April 8 production of 2008 X6 Sports Activity Coupes equipped with the BMW Assist and Bluetooth® Hands-free calling System, customers will be able to call the phone numbers received with their Bluetooth connected mobile phone or, if their BMW is equipped with a navigation system, immediately start route guidance by a simple push of a button.

>To use MyInfo, just search for a business or street address on Google Maps ( and click on the “Send ” link at the top-right corner of the map. Select “Car”, then “BMW” and “BMW US” for country and enter your e-mail address on file with BMW Assist as your BMW Assist account name. You can add a personal note, if desired, then press the “Send” button – and your destination is on its way. Once inside your BMW, simply push the MyInfo button within the BMW Assist menu and you will find the desired destination and associated phone number.

>Already popular in Europe and recently launched in Canada this unique service allows advanced preparation for your next trip. Before you leave the house or office, you can easily and quickly determine online the exact location of up to 10 of your desired destinations and then make them available in your BMW. The advantage is that the listings found at Google Maps no longer have to be written down or printed out. Also manual data entry into the navigation system is no longer needed -the address and phone number is already in your iDrive menu. Even better, you can share MyInfo with your family, friends and colleagues so that they can send destinations, phone numbers and even notes to the vehicle while you are on the road. But best of all, there is no charge for this service, as it’s included as part of the Safety Plan for the first four years, like the other benefits of Ultimate Service.

>MyInfo will be included on BMW Assist-equipped X5, X6, 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 Series, effective with Model Year 2009. For now it is an exclusive feature of the 2008 X6. The X6 Sports Activity Coupe will be offered in the USA in two versions. The X6 xDrive35i, sporting a 300hp, twin-turbo, inline 6 cylinder will be available at authorized BMW SAV centers on April 26th. The twin-turbo V8 powered X6 xDrive50i will come to the US market in the late summer 2008.

>To learn more about MyInfo, please visit