Our friend Jonathan Spira offered us up a fine example of 535d driving. As an avid BMW enthusiast and frequent Euro-delivery customer (he was privileged to take delivery of the first car delivered from the Welt) he too is glad to see the Advanced Diesels make it across the pond. Even though we will not see the 535d in the short term it is a great example of diesel power.

Filmed on the autobahn in Germany at 240 km/hr or in US speak: 150 mph. This engine has got some serious top end and of course all that torque. We thought it would be a nice tease for those considering getting a diesel and/or picking up in Munich. Also, notice how quiet the car is.

Here is the commentary between Jonathan and Alfred (the videographer):

Alfred: Herr Spira from America is stepping on the gas. So, Herr Spira, what do you think about a speed limit on German Autobahns?

Jonathan: I am against it. Completely against it.

They are referring to the ongoing discussions in Germany about placing limits on all portions of the autobahn. We hope this does not actually happen and is more of a reason to take advantage of the BMW USA European Delivery program while some areas are free of limits.

The 335d will be available to US customers this fall for European Delivery and of course you can also get one at your local BMW dealership. We already have a name on the list and are fairly sure you will see a similar video after that delivery in Munich.