We were able to obtain the presentation Mr. Purves gave recently at Spartanburg so we thought we would just summarize it and allow you to read it if you so desired. He makes some interesting points. Also at this event, another speaker discussed BMW and the credit crunch. Some interesting things were said and we will bring that to you at a later date.

Mr. Purves indicated the following:

  • Sales have increased 450% since 1991
  • BMW trails only Lexus in the premium segment in terms of sales
  • Within the luxury performance segment BMW ‘s share has increased
  • Forecasts indicate increases in the premium segment worldwide
  • The $100k income group is the fastest growing
  • The 20-29 and 50-59 age groups are the fastest growing
  • BMW has the largest fuel efficiency increase of any manufacturer
  • Even with increases in weight the fuel economy and performance
    of BMW cars has increased
  • See the entire presentation with all of the charts/graphs and picures here