Update: We now have added direct links to the Flash versions of the German catalogs, which allow for zooming. It is difficult to say from these catalogs and photos which are of the Saddle Brown and which are of Chestnut. From what we gather Chestnut is going to be more “brown ” than “orange “. Continue onto the original post for the new wheel options broken down by model for the US.

Sport Wagon (Touring)


We were able to obtain a copy of the German catalog and thought that some of the contents would be interesting to our readers. What we have included in the attached .pdf are the portions of the catalog that focus on the new additions, changes and options. While it is in German, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Included are images of the new wheels, the new xDrive symbol, the car will sport, as the XI moniker has been killed off. The redesigned center console is shown and much more.

We decided to further break down the catalog to show you what wheels the the US will see (click links for images):


  • Standard: 282
  • ZSP: 286 (optional XI ZSP)
  • XI ZSP: 284
  • 335i/xi:

  • Standard: 284
  • ZSP: 287 (optional XI ZSP)
  • XI ZSP: 161
  • A portion of the catalog can be found here: E90 LCI German Catalog Image quality is not the best but you will get the idea!