BMWNA Statement on voluntary recall involving front passenger seat sensor mat on U.S.A. model BMWs


Today, BMW announced a voluntary recall regarding the front passenger air bag seat sensor mat involving approximately 200,000 Model Year 2004-06 vehicles. Affected are certain Model Year 2006 3-Series, Model Year 2004-06 5-Series, and Model Year 2004-06 X3 vehicles, depending upon seat type. BMW has found that the sensor mat may become damaged during vehicle usage depending upon the manner and frequency of the front passenger ‘s entry and exit.
BMW will begin sending customer letters in late September 2008. Affected owners may continue to drive their vehicles; however, customers should contact their BMW Center if the air bag warning lamp, and the passenger air bag “on-off” lamp are illuminated simultaneously. In this situation, BMW recommends customers not to use the front passenger seat and have the vehicle serviced immediately. At the present time, we are unaware of any accidents or injuries as a result of this issue.