As we have indicated in the past BMW will be introducing several models at the Paris show. The new 7, the redesigned 3, and concept form of the X1. BMW will also be showing off some of their future hybrids; the X6 and 7 series specifically. The increased push for efficiency has begun and expect this to be an additional selling point for all BMW models.

If you have the chance to look over this 70 page guide to the show it is worth the time as it has a lot of great info in it, though much is not geared to our market. It details the new models (again) and explains changes to the other model lines; new X3 versions, diesels being offered in the One series convertibles for the EU, and other mobility technologies. Much of it has been summarized here before but it puts it all in one place in a downloadable format.

Worth noting is that on page 48 it states the new iDrive will be introduced this autumn in the 5 and 6 series cars but once again we are reminded this is for the EU so the states may not see this until later.

You will not see the X1 mentioned but all indications are it will be there!

BMW at the Paris Motor Show