It appears that the new controller is in fact making its way into the 2009 models but the new system may not be at this time. We are awaiting screen shots!

Over the last several days we have become more confused at the situation with the 5 (and even 6). While we understand that BMWNA ‘s position has not changed in stating the model will not be included in the upgrade why then are customers picking up cars equipped with the system when the model was not scheduled for the update?

We have received info from several customers stating that their cars have the new system. Both ahead of the November EU date and the unannounced US date.

Also, in the Paris guide we posted yesterday it even states that the 5/6 will receive the updated system, though not US specific. Either someone dropped the ball on this or we are missing something here…. If you do not take our word for it, the photos do not lie….

Our friends over at BMW Blog are posting similar info so this further confirms what we thought all along!