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The release of this car should not be much of a surprise to our readers since we have discussed it in the past. What may come is as a surprise is the choices BMW made when implementing the hybrid system.

When we discussed hybrids with you several months ago we introduced the idea that BMW was not going to implement hybrid technology like everyone else; they were going at it with performance in mind. Our sources then told us that the system would not improve MPG all that much but rather give the car increased performance by utilizing the electric motor as an added “boost ” though details were vague on specifics because BMW is in fact developing two separate hybrid systems; this mild hybrid and the traditional two mode system.

Needless to say the Concept is touting a twin turbo V8 with over 400hp/ 455 ft/lbs. in its regular form but it includes an additional 20hp /155 ft/lbs. electric motor which adds to the performance and improves fuel economy by a “whopping ” 15%. The technology was developed alongside Daimler and utilizes lithium ion batteries and brake energy regeneration. The use of lithium ion batteries will help decrease the weight of the system and improve longevity and useful charge of it. Unlike the batteries others are using these will not degrade as fast and take up significantly less room.

This system is a mild hybrid which means the car will not run only on the electric/battery system it must also utilize the gas powered motor. This type of system will not be utilized in all BMW hybrids, there is also a two-mode in which you can use only the battery power and electric motor also in development.

BMW appears to be staying true to its heritage by making driving dynamics an important aspect of these models, but what is the additional cost going to be, and will it be worth it in the end (with fuel savings/emissions) or just be a model for people to buy as a fashion statement?

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