It is officially official. The diesels will begin production in November and will be delivered to dealers mid December.

The 335d will have a best in class EPA fuel economy of 23/36 MPG making it the most fuel efficient BMW ever sold in the US as well as the highest rated EPA MPG 6 cylinder engine ever in the US. With 0-60 in 6.0 seconds it is quicker to that mark than the all new Audi A4 3.2 and the MB C350.

The X5d (as we like to refer to it as) will have an EPA rating of 19/26 MPG with a 0-60 time of 6.9 seconds; making it the fastest and most efficient SUV in the US. Both models will have a highway range of over 580 miles. Both will qualify for the IRS Alternative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit.

The 335d will have the same option profile as the 335i except for unique sport package wheels on the 335d. The X5 35d will have the same option profile as the X5 30i. Active steering is not available on either model.

We will update you with pricing and ordering guides as they become available.

Here is the PDF

Dealers will see that Order Bank Entries are available.

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