This past Sunday was the first annual Garage419 invitational. This karting endurance event was held at Grand Prix of New York, the newest and most advanced indoor karting course in the US. The event was to pair pros and “Joes ” on teams all in an effort to raise money for Racing 4 Research and the Children ‘s Tumor Foundation.

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The venue was spectacular as was the overall execution of the event. Car lovers, media, racers and industry leaders were all represented and came out to support the cause. There were quite a lot of foreign exotics in the parking lot, including a full lineup of ///M cars. Of course Alex Roy and team Polizei were present. That concludes the BMW portion of this post though these karts handle like they are on rails, quite similar to a BMW.

Garage 419 did a great job with this event and GPNY was generous to donate nearly an entire day of track time for it. We would like to thank them for the opportunity to attend and participate. Be sure to check out the video and photos!

After experiencing GPNY and karts that hit 40 mph you will never think of go-karting in the same way… oh and it becomes quite intoxicating/addicting.