Our sources had originally indicated that today would be the release of the new Z4 but after yesterday ‘s debacle of BMW reporting earnings and the canceling of the CS production car they have put things on hold. They seemed to forget the US of A (the main market for the car) had this little event called a presidential election and BMW also did not take into account it would be a historic one, rewriting history, either way it went so the mainstream media would not really have time (or care) for a car release.

What does this all mean? The new date could be later today, tomorrow or anytime next week. So instead of the car this morning we give you a teaser we originally had no intention of posting since this whole cat and mouse game has been beaten to death; especially with all the spy shots we have already viewed. We are working on obtaining some confirmation of the new date and will let you know more. For all we know at this point they may change their mind again and release it this afternoon.