We have lots of photos and further information but we thought you would like a glimpse and some highlights sooner than later. The full gallery and breakdown of the car will be up as soon as we can read and process all the information and images. For now enjoy these highlights.

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Want to know the weight? Well here it is: 3450 lbs.
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• First BMW Roadster with a retractable hardtop. The new model is the successor to both the BMW Z4 Roadster and the BMW Z4 Coupe. Two-piece electrohydraulically retractable hardtop in lightweight aluminum shell construction. The hardtop opens and closes fully automatically in each case within 20 seconds; the roof elements coming to rest in the roof compartment to give the car a low-slung rear-end design reflecting the traditional proportions of a roadster as well as a large luggage compartment. The high-quality interior lining finished in an extra-light color as well as large windows including the heated glass window at the rear ensure an exclusive ambience and optimized all-round visibility.

• Long hood, large wheel arches, long wheelbase and small overhangs.

• Head and elbow room as well as the degree of comfort in entering the car have been significantly enhanced over the former model. The low seating position near the rear axle guarantees the driving experience typical of a BMW Roadster. High-quality materials, first-class quality of finish and driver-oriented design of both the instrument panel and the center console guarantee an emotional driving experience in a particularly refined ambience.

• Wide range of storage options within the passenger compartment including a spacious crosswise storage compartment behind the seats.

• First use of the BMW iDrive control system in the BMW Roadster. In conjunction with the optional navigation system the new generation of BMW iDrive comprises an ergonomically optimized Controller for the selection and control of functions by turning, pressing and tipping the Controller, function buttons on the Controller for direct menu entry, freely programmable favorite buttons for even easier operation, as well as a folding 8.8-inch display with high-resolution graphic presentation and an optimized menu structure. Enhanced navigation system with an even wider range of functions in entering destinations, planning trips and presenting maps. Optional audio system with hard disc memory.

• Introduction of the new BMW Z4 with a choice of straight-six power units ranging in output from 255 hp to 300 hp. Both versions offering an optimum combination of acceleration and fuel economy in their respective classes. BMW EfficientDynamics featured as standard with specific highlights tailored to each model: variable VALVETRONIC valve management or, respectively, High Precision Injection direct petrol injection technology, Brake Energy Regeneration, on-demand management of ¬ancillary units, variable oil pump, gearshift point indicator, all-aluminum or, respectively, composite magnesium/aluminum crankcase, optimized aerodynamics, and s with reduced rolling resistance. Both engine variants fulfilll the future EU 5 emission standard.

• Seven-speed sport automatic with double clutch as an option on the BMW Z4 sDrive35i. Shifting gears without the slightest interruption of power, the transmission provides a unique combination of the extra comfort of a BMW automatic transmission with maximum performance. Acceleration and efficiency improved over the manual gearbox models. Six-speed sport automatic with optimized gearshift dynamics, direct connection to the engine and minimized converter slip available as an option on the BMW Z4 sDrive30i. Both sport automatic transmissions feature gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

• Outstanding driving dynamics thanks to near 50/50 weight distribution, rear-wheel drive and lightweight aluminum suspension with a double-joint tiebar front axle and centrally guided rear axle. Electromechanical power steering, high-performance brakes, latest generation of Dynamic Stability Control. Dynamic Drive Control featured as standard allows the driver to set up the car in three stages at the touch of a button. Dynamic Drive Control acts on the gas pedal control map, engine management, DSC response, the power steering control map, the dynamic gearshift on the optional sport automatic transmission and, on cars fitted with the optional Adaptive M Suspension, the control map for Electronic Damper Control.

• Comprehensive safety concept with extremely stiff body structures, defined load paths, specific use of high-strength steel and special deformation elements, head/thorax airbags integrated at the front and at the side in the seat backrests, three-point inertia-reel seat belts with new belt tightening technology, massively reinforced A-pillars and roll bars behind the headrests, runflat tires and a Tire Pressure Monitor fitted as standard, headlights with standard bi-xenon adaptive light technology.

• Engines:
BMW Z4 sDrive35i:
Straight-six gasoline engine with Twin Turbo and direct fuel injection (High Precision Injection)
Capacity: 2,979 cc, max output: 300 hp at 5,800 rpm,
Max torque: 300 lb-ft from 1,400–5,000 rpm
Acceleration 0–60 mph: 5.1 sec
(seven-speed sport automatic with double clutch: 5.0 sec)
Top speed: 130 mph (150 mph with Sport Package) (electronically limited)
CO2 emissions to EU standard: 219 g (210 g)/km.
BMW Z4 sDrive30i:
Straight-six gasoline engine with magnesium/aluminum composite crankcase, VALVETRONIC and double-VANOS
Capacity: 2,996 cc, max output: 255 hp at 6,600 rpm,
Max torque: 220 lb-ft at 2,600 rpm
Acceleration 0–60 mph: 5.6 sec (sport automatic: 6.0 sec)
Top speed: 150 mph (with Sport Package) (electronically limited)
CO2 emissions to EU standard: 199 g (195 g)/km.