A recent Wall Street Journal article has BMWNA CEO Jim O ‘Donnell stating that the US “will be the growth engine of the future. This is where we will continue to focus our efforts. ” This seems to directly contradict everything else we have been hearing for months.

With the Detroit “Big ” Three in a state of free fall and continuing to lose market share, maybe this is where BMW does push to gain share; they will not be alone. VW seems to be planning a full on press for more of the US market as well.

While this news is eye opening, you should take it with a grain of salt as in the original article there was a major glitch. The author seems to think that the 1 Series has not been offered before and it will be introduced in the future. Though, in the next few weeks the BMWNA CEO will present his plan to the board of directors at that time we will know what really is in store for the US market.

For more analysis of this please see an entry at the BMWCCA our good friend Jonathan Spira has written.

Here is the original article that was run in both print and electronic form, thanks again to Palbay for the link!