We tend to refrain from posting information that is not verifiable across a good number of sources but we thought this may begin some nice debate. We will continue to work our behind the scenes magic on this topic and keep you up to date.

Several of our trusted sources have presented us with some interesting news over the last few weeks; though not overly specific. What they are saying is that the 2010 5 and 6 series will be available and enter production by May. The sources have stated the new iDrive will be in the cars and that there are some changes in colors and interior. That is where things start getting muddy. Will this be a shortened model year of the current model, with the new ‘F10 ‘ 5 Series becoming available this fall or is this the completely redesigned car? The same goes for the 6er which is rumored to launch at the same time as the 5. This will be much like how all the recent ///M3 variants came out at almost the same time. Less staggering by releasing all model variants decreases the money spent on advertising, and with the 6er really being the 5 in coupe form this makes a lot of sense.

We are also hearing the X5/X6 will get the iDrive update this Spring or Fall (sources vary).

In a recent story we ran, we discussed BMW ‘s push for greater US market share though not through pricing and leasing. BMW reportedly intends to go all out here in the states as the industry is in a state of flux, they want togo for the jugular. This is what one source states for the possible push to get several new models out in the market before they were originally scheduled to. BMW could offer buyers basically an entire new or refreshed lineup by this fall. A new 5, 6, 7, Z4, X3, F07 PAS, along with a slightly refreshed X5, X6 (both with new iDrive system) and the 3 series coupe/convertible LCI refresh.That is not even including the recently released ///M sport options, the hybrids (X6 &7) or the ///M versions of the X5 and X6. The X1 is also waiting in the wings.

That is a lot of models and variants to come to market in such a tight time frame. There will be the initial buzz for each new model and variant providing a boost in sales and of course price paid per vehicle. The real question is what will happen once the buzz wears off? BMW may be left completely flat with nothing new coming for quite some time and if these models are unsuccessfulcould BMW be in serious trouble?

Another way of looking at this is: If you may not be able to stay profitable you may as well show everything you ‘ve got in order to try and stay ahead of the competition and in business. While things may not look so dreary to many of us, things in the car business (BMW included) are very dire and at any moment several brands may cease to exist. If these rumors are indeed true we will at least see a bunch of new cars in the not so distant future.