Last year around this time we featured an article on what BMW models are made where entitled “Made in Germany? ” . BMWAG has graciously done this work for us this year by releasing a list of production facilities, what models are produced/assembled at each plant and the total number produced at the plant for 2008. This saved us a good deal of time and we thank them!

Worth noting in this official document is that the 5 Series GT will be in production this year as will the X6 Hybrid, but there is no mention of the new X3 or X1 which are both expected this year as well (now possibly in the Spring of 2010?). If you are questioning BMW producing cars in Asia, you will be happy to know that CKD stands for Complete Knock Down, and these are cars produced elsewhere in kit form and assembled for the specific local market in which they are assembled.

Full BMWAG PDF can be found here.