According to BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer (as interviewed by Car and Driver) the BMW brand will be launching it ‘s Project i variant by 2012. As we ‘ve reported previously the car will be available with all electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel powerplants. The car will be aimed for worldwide markets but will be designed with an eye towards the US market and California’s new Zero-Emission-Vehicle (ZEV) requirements that call for large-volume manufacturers to sell ZEVs by 2012.

Here ‘s an excerpt from the article:

>Styling will be BMW-like, with short overhangs, a wide track, and a low roofline. Electricity will be stored in a water-cooled lithium-ion battery pack that is expected to provide a 100-mile range. Other versions of the City will get a gas or diesel engine and are being developed for Asian markets, particularly China. It hasn’t been decided whether the electric City will be badged as a Mini or a BMW. Reithofer also hinted that it may get a new name. BMW holds the rights to Riley and Triumph, but considering the reputation of electrical systems in British cars, redeploying those old names probably isn’t the best idea.

Interestingly we ‘ve been told my high-level sources that the City will not be branded as a MINI – at least not in the US market. Additionally we ‘ve been told that this car will be not aimed towards the enthusiast but rather someone who wants a premium fuel efficient car with loads of style and technology.

+ 2012/2013 BMW City / Car and Driver