With Michael ‘s review of the X6 M fresh in our minds let ‘s take a closer look at the X6 M on the track. Above is official video of the car SAV in Road Atlanta earlier this week. While it ‘s not quite like getting behind the wheel you can see several things. First off the X6 M (when pushed) is relatively neutral for a 5000+ lbs vehicle. Secondly the exhaust note leaves a little to be desired – let ‘s hope that M work on that for the M5 and M6 variants of this engine. Finally there ‘s little question the X6 M is fast. With 550 hp on tap and a trick torque transferring AWD system on board the X6 M can clearly get out of it ‘s own way.

We ‘ll have more on the X6 M and the X5 M in the coming days and weeks.