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From Frank Markus ‘ post on the new 7:

I suppose the 7 series may be the best handling of the leviathan luxobarges, but who cares? How much time will owners spend at the limits of adhesion in such a large car? I spent my week trying to shuttle three passengers around in comfort, which I think is more the idea of these whoppers. And the 7 just isn ‘t great at this task. Between a heavier-than-necessary throttle and possible turbo lag or jerky transmission response, it ‘s trickier than it should be to waft smoothly and swiftly away from a stop. No, I ‘d take an S-class today or maybe wait to sample the new Jag XJ. I remain uninterested in the 7.

In my personal view-having spent many hundred miles behind the plush wheel of the new 7- Mr. Markus is clueless. I am not trying to be harsh but having first hand experience of this car, silken is the only word I would use. Maybe he did not understand the concept of the Adaptive Drive and kept it in Sport (or maybe Sport +), but in Comfort this car shifts without sign and smooths out the bumps. Not sure about his turbo lag statement either. Which gets me to my next issue- if you review something and state: “possible turbo lag “, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. There is turbo lag or there is not turbo lag; there is no in-between. This motor has no perceivable lag under normal driving.

I will agree with his statement about the “beer tap ” shifter being a bit counter intuitive, but a lot of his gripes are due to poor understanding of how to use electronics and just a general inability to understand modern car concepts. Some of these things he questions may require someone to briefly read the manual or in this case look at in the new fangeled iDrive, but if you can ‘t operate the new easy to use iDrive that says a lot itself.

For anyone to recommend a Jaguar over a BMW just shows a huge disconnect, has anyone experienced a Jag lately? They look great but that is where it all ends. I recommend you read his piece over at Motor Trend then sound off below on what you think! Our review of the 7er can be found here.