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The new F01/02 7 Series will be introduced in the coming weeks with xDrive all wheel drive. This will not only increase foul weather safety but overall vehicle performance. The system has been enhanced to emulate some of the abilities of the Dynamic Performance Control featured in the X6. DPC sends engine power to the outside wheel mechanically through a complex mechanical differential in a turn to improve handling and performance.

While this version of xDrive can not “vector ” the torque mechanically alone, it can emulate this through engine management and braking much like DSC can emulate an LSD.

Thanks to improved electronics (FlexRay protocol, increased processing power and Chassis Management) precise amounts of throttle and corner braking can be applied to each individual rear wheel. This provides the vehicle with as neutral handling as possible in corners no matter the driving conditions. This system is also able to detect understeer and shift up to 80% of the torque to the rear axle to increase stability and performance.

If this new feature is as good as the DSC sub-function (In 2008 1 & 3 Series vehicles onward) that applies braking to limit wheel slip and improve overall performance it is a well welcomed improvement. This shows once again how BMW is using electronics to save cost and weight while giving enthusiasts some of those characteristics they want.

These new system tweaks represent the next step in the evolution of xDrive and build on the the past abilities the system is known for. It is unclear at this point whether this feature will become available in other models as FlexRay is available only in the 7 and soon to launch 5er GT.