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We have received some information from a highly reliable source. This information explains how the Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept relates to future offerings from BMW. This information provides an inside look to what we can expect for the foreseeable future and how BMW will bring new technologies and designs to market well ahead of earlier estimates.

With Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW is giving an insight into not just a particular model but showing that the concept is the future of BMW. Everything you see here is not going to be exclusive to one car and it is not an interpretation of one car. Customers should benefit from the latest sustainable technology in whatever BMW they choose be it a CoupeSedan , SAV or even a Roadster , it should’nt be limited to one model.

The future of BMW technology is being presented in this single vehicle to showcase what will filter across the whole BMW portfolio. These features will not remain exclusive to one particular image enhancing model (halo vehicle). The design of this concept is very much an introduction to a new level of progressive design that will be inherited in future BMW models. This design language will show the design trends progressing and being adventurous with traditional and new design elements.

The three cylinder turbo diesel featured here in the VED is in very fact a reality coming to the F20 BMW 1er. Three cylinder engines in both Petrol and Diesel, both turbo charged of course will be in the F20.The Active Hybrid 1 will be something similar with again a three cylinder turbo diesel connected to an electric motor. This Active Hybrid will be available a few months after the initial debut of the F20.

As for other areas? The design of the VED is a hybrid of what is coming in future design trends for BMW. For instance, the front of the car is highly reminiscent of the next generation 6er although it will have conventional shaped light units. The grille is almost identical , wide and stretching across the car.

The shape of the hood which is raised over the front wheel arches will be seen in the Z2 Roadster and Coupe as will a shape similar to the rear light unit of the VED. Although the lights will not be razor thin but more proportionate to the compactness of the car. And although they will not sit on the rear deck like the Concept. They are pushed into the body work as if it was made of butter.

The shape itself if you shrink it down is highly identical to the previous unseen Z technik concept which is the predecessor to the Z2 Coupe. The interior and door cappings are conceptized from the 6er and the four up seating gives a clue to the 6er GT in terms of layout, use of space and of the console that seperates the driver and the three passengers. If you look down from above , especially the rear deck where it splits and imagine that as completely joined you will get an impression again of the Z2. It will have a typical BMW Z4 Coupe like rear window. The wheels are covered to assist with aerodynamics. If you remove the black covers you see a real sporty wheel for the next 6er it’s a bit like a shuriken . BMW will offer the aerodynamic wheels as an optional choice.

The technology and materials are not far off away. Closer than you think. M Division will be the first to use aluminium chassis on series M cars to really bring the weight down on the more core M models and of course the future “Compact” models as well as more emphasis on carbon fibre body panels.

Information sent to us from several sources (notably Scott 26) helped in this article.